“Membership in ASBDA is by invitation only.”

Qualifications of Eligibility

1. Band directors of established personal and professional integrity and reputation who have been actively engaged in teaching and directing or supervision of school bands on the elementary, junior high and/or senior high school levels are eligible for membership.

2. Paramount in consideration of a candidate and superseding all other qualifications should be his personal character traits and professional ethics record in his present and previous positions. His record of service in his district and state associations shall be above question.

3. A candidate shall have a minimum of five years of teaching experience in instrumental music, except under rules set for unorganized states.

4. The work of the candidate shall be evaluated on the merits of the bands he consistently produces and should be of such quality as to command the respect of his colleagues in the state he represents.

5. The candidate should maintain an adequate instrumental music program consistently producing a band of satisfactory instrumentation, good technique, fine musicianship and acceptable musical performance.

6. The candidate’s band should have a record of good service to his community.

7. The candidate should be an ACTIVE paid-up member of his district and state associations.

8. The candidate should have a good competition/festival record of concert performance, if competitive events are held in his state.


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